Wisdom Moon Mushroom Lamp

Mindfulness Illuminated

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The Wisdom Moon Mushroom Lamp helps you connect to yourself, your community and your environment by utilizing beautifully illuminated biofeedback of your heart rate and data visualization of environmental information

    Connect To Your Self

    Use Moon for relaxation and to prepare for sleep.

    “Connect your finger to Moon's heart rate and practice slow breathing with the biofeedback until Moon color changes to blue. Follow the box breathing pattern by syncing your breath to the brightness of Moon's face.”

    Use Moon for daily mindfulness practice.

    “It's best to anchor the use of Moon with a daily ritual. For example right after breakfast, at lunchtime or before sleep. Choose a Mind Play card every day as a prompt to experiment with different mindfulness and meditation techniques. You can make your own cards too.
    Get feedback and deepen your knowledge about your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. With our Mind Play cards practice staying calm or learn how to get yourself excited!

    Connect To Your Community

    Use Moon with close ones to improve communication skills and increase your understanding of each other.

    “Get to know your loved ones like never before by connecting them to Moon biofeedback and seeing what gets them excited or where in their body they hold stress. Play MindPlay together to foster empathy, and understanding and learn how to communicate your needs.”

    Use Moon as a party game to get to know others.

    “Make Moon the light of every party. Gather around and play MindPlay together taking turns who connects to the heart rate sensor. Meaningful conversations as well as laughter are a sure thing!”

    Connect To Your Environment

    Use Moon to reduce your carbon emissions from electricity use.

    “Use our app to tell Moon your general location and see Moon's color change based on your local electricity grid emissions. Make sure to charge your EV and use electricity-intensive appliances only when Moon shines green and turn off unnecessary appliances when the Moon is Red.”

    We are working on a developer API that will allow developers to connect moon to other meaningful information, air quality, and weather… the sky's the limit.

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    Wisdom Moon Mushroom Lamp
    Wisdom Moon Mushroom Lamp
    Wisdom Moon Mushroom Lamp
    Wisdom Moon Mushroom Lamp
    Wisdom Moon Mushroom Lamp
    Wisdom Moon Mushroom Lamp
    Wisdom Moon Mushroom Lamp
    Wisdom Moon Mushroom Lamp
    Wisdom Moon Mushroom Lamp
    Wisdom Moon Mushroom Lamp

    Designed by

    Karim Rashid

    Time magazine's most famous industrial designer in all the Americas.

    "The Wisdom Truffle companion promotes positivity and provides comfort. It's also an incredible art piece that's a great conversation starter around finding a healthier balance with our use of technology. Something we need now more than ever."

    Wisdom Moon Features

    • #1 - Pulse Sensor Biofeedback

      Our pulse oximeter designed for comfort connects to the LED lamp and changes the color of the lamp. Wisdom will glow light blue when you are calm and color will change toward pink and red when your heart rate goes up.

    • #2 - Multipattern LED Lamp For Any Mood

      Moon has 108 LEDs that can each change color and brightness. The default patterns have been designed by expert Burning Man light artists to fit different moods. With the app you can make your own patterns too.

    • #3 - Wifi Connected WebApp

      Our privacy-first app allows you to save your heart rate data, track your meditation sessions, customize Moon color patterns and connect to your local electricity grid carbon emission data. Wifi connectivity allows us to launch more features in the future!

    • #4 - Mind Play Card Game

      Designed by therapists and behavioral change experts to help make mindfulness fun, accessible and social. Utilizing the biofeedback feature with questions and exercises to help people connect to themselves, their community and their environment. Play with yourself or with a group. Beside the default mind play deck that comes with every Moon we have designed two extra decks focused on preperation and integration of psychedelic trips and a Rated R deck designed for adult use to help build intimacy and physical connections.

      Visit Mind Play
    • #5 - Electric Grid Carbon Emissions Visualization

      Use the privacy first web app to let Moon know your general location and see moon glow green when your local electricity grid is the cleanest and red when it is the most polluting.

      You can reduce your carbon footprint from electricity use by up to 30% if use high-powered appliances only when Moon is green. By charging an EV only when your grid is green for one week you can offset the carbon emission that was created in Moon’s production.

    The Science Behind Wisdom Moon

    Learn more about the science behind Wisdom Moon and its technology driven features that help increase your mindfulness with your self, your community, and your environment.

    Learn More About The Science

    Questions About Wisdom Moon? Let us know below!

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